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Gold Coast Cultural Precinct

Gold Coast



Client: city of Gold Coast
Completion due: 2018




ARM ARCHITECTURE is working with the city of gold coast to deliver the most ambitious cultural project in its history.


In October 2012, the City of Gold Coast endorsed a Vision to establish a landmark cultural precinct. The chosen site was 11 hectares of centrally-located land at Evandale. To deliver its Vision, Council launched a two-stage International Design Competition to challenge the world’s best design teams to deliver innovative proposals blurring distinctions between architecture, urbanism, landscape and art.

ARM Architecture was announced the winning bid for the gold coast cultural precinct international design competition in December 2013.

ARM Architecture’s design introduces a geometric ‘web’ – or voronoi – theme, linking an expanded Living Arts Centre, incorporating a new 1200-seat theatre;
versatile 350-seat black box theatre; refurbished existing performance theatre
accommodating up to 600 people; a 10,000 seat outdoor amphitheatre; and a
central Great Terrace. A sub-tropical outdoor garden Artscape, with the Evandale Lake as a focal feature and a spiral-helix encased green bridge providing a dappled shade connection to Chevron Island, and a 14-storey New Arts Museum, enticing visitors up through the galleries to take in the art, the view, and perhaps – in true Gold Coast style – a bungy jump from the external viewing platform.

Our approach was to find a methodology which could as if transcend the usual means of design intent, something which no longer appeared imposed or strangely static, but could be instead emergent, something almost self-generating, something which is animated, and richly interpretative, and yet also changing and changeable over time. These emergent qualities we discovered in the application of an organic cellular structure, which we could program to generate an almost infinitely variable, flexible and animated array. Using a program of Voronoi seeds or points or sites, it is possible to generate cells as equal boundaries between these points. These cells become a rich interpretation, from the microscopic core of life, to the organic and the architectural, to the city and even the region beyond. And these cells are fully three dimensional too, not merely a pattern, but instead infinitely changeable, ready to coagulate, to signal and respond, or to erupt into unexpected form, and yet to always make a seamless whole as well.

The Artscape is envisaged as the defining characteristic within the wider site context. The New Arts Museum is elevated above the Artscape, creating a unique maximization of possible landscape types and experiences and in turn a magnificent conception of a visionary Art Museum, towering over the Gold Coast – a site of both Escape and Pilgrimage!